About Me

Love is a Pillow was created as a way to get my vast catalog of art off the wall and on the Couch, Bed and Floor. The Pillows are hand made up to 30″x30”. Everything is made to order

Every pillow & textile is from a photograph, most are trees, nature, horses and other exciting subject matter. My work is unique, bright & bold. All the work is designed and sewn in my studio in the Arts Westchester Building in White Plains, NY. Every product is a work of art.

After growing up in Southern Vermont, I studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA as well as the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.  I have been a commercial photographer, a graphic artist, web designer Mac/PC Tech as well as anything else that would fit into my skill set.

As a photographer I stretched the line between commercial photography and Fine Art. The work I handed the client was a combination of my love for the amazing quality of “Painting with Light” and my unconventional approach to product photography.

The “Moving Trees”  series has been an on going project going back many years. The process started with film and has progressed to digital photography. The paintbrush effect is created in the camera through a technique I have been honing since the 80’s. The combination of stillness and movement is unique to each landscape and is un-retouched. These images are taken while driving throughout Westchester County in New York and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

The Altered Reality series takes the viewer to completely new worlds. As I like to say ” Altered Reality is an extension of the camera into the world of imagination. Printed on canvas, the work is no longer a photograph, but a virtual world.”

The Horse Play” series is a natural evolution of the “Altered Reality” project, developing from my deep connection and relationship with animals. My playful nature makes an instant connection with the horses, enabling me to photograph genuine reactions that are dynamic, vibrant and engaging.

My love for nature and the thrill of motion has always been an ongoing theme a natural progression from growing up in New England Skiing and riding Motorcycles with the blur of the world going by.