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Custom Made Throw Pillows by Marc Jaffe Studios

Love is a Pillow. Why Love?

At the end of 2013 I made a decision that after all the years of being an Artist, IT professional, Web Designer, Photographer, etc., it was time to take advantage of all the art I was producing year after year but not really selling.

As an artist I love praise just like the next guy but it did not pay the rent.
I set out to figure out how to actually make a living.
No strike that, Career
No thats not going to work. BRAND!

Jump forward to January 22, 2014… Starbucks. My Stamford office.
I wish I could tell you the A-ha! moment but it eludes me but I do recall the first test that gave me chills. TEXTILES!

Marc Jaffe Studios, LLC, Love is a Pillow is born!

Here is the first test…

Love is a pillow: Original Fine Art Photography by Marc Jaffe. Love us

Now I am my biggest fan of my art but this was ground breaking for me. I had figured out how to use my catalog of art.


But not just pillows, Textiles.
Anything I can get my work on. Ties, Clothing, Wallpaper, Bed-spreads, you name it. I figured out how to hit every room as well as the garment industry.

Now don’t get me wrong I have a long way to go to infiltrate the market but as of this writing  49 days have past since Love is a Pillow. was conceived. I am on the verge of moving into a space, my sewing machines are picked out and we are set to start producing by day 70.

Am I happy? Yes I am. Stay tuned!

Love is a Pillow: Get the art off the walls!


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